Wednesday, August 20, 2008

about me

her name is afizaa abdullah a.k.a pijaa. dun forget the double a..she was born on the 18 of june 1985..on the hospital bed. hehehe

she was the 6th in the family. if i m not mistaken. was truly my bad as a writer here..dun laugh at me, guys..i m just trying to be different.

she loves budu, nasik kerabu, ikan name a few. her favourite drink is ice lemon tea (i forgot the brand name but i can show u which one if i do have time to do so). her favourite shop is vincci. shoes, bags..

lately, she's into manicure (do it yourself).

if she was fasting, she must have nasik at the end of the day. she was such a truly malaysian.

she loves cinema and she spend alot on cinema. she's into a number of hot movie stars such as johnny deep, brad pitt, angelina jolie (to name a few) and david cook from american idol.

you ll always be my baby was her favourite theme song now and she said that the song had never made her bored to keep listening to it. she's oso love jason mraz (the singer, song writer etc)..keep up a good work, jason!

i m hoping that she ll do the best in her life and be happy and menawan always..

she's hot but not available yaaa...sorry!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


listen very carefully....

that what people will always say when they wanna talk to someone that they want to talk!

everyday we listen..thanks God for giving us ears to listen..i can't imagine if we can't will we interact to each other... do you listen??

people listen at different levels of involvement depending on the skills,abilities and even moods.

according to David Goldwich,there are some types of listening that i wanna share with all of you..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Diet myths debunked!!

Today I wanna talk about diet...For some girls that are having weight probs..I'm sure diet is similar to them... well do you know ur own diet??Here are some answers to put the record straight.

When eating out, a salad is always the best option.

False!!It's easy to believe that all salads are healthy but this is not actually the case because some salads contain fatty ingrediants and could contain more calories.......

High fat ingrediants includes croutons,crispy bacon,mayonnaise and oily dressings don't really add any vitamins and minerals..

Having a traditional cooked breakfast in the morning can be a healthy choice.

True!!This myth is certainly true as long as u have a grill-up and not a fry-up!!

If u grill lean bacon, peach and eggs and include baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms,this meal can then easily be healthy and balanced.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I used to really believe in LOVE. many people know exactly what is the meaning of LOVE??

Love represents a range of human emotions and experiences related to the senses of affection and sexual attraction(wikipedia)

When people start out dating, they usually try their best to win the other’s affection and be the object of his/her affection. This goes on for a while until you get what you want. Then the spontaneity is gone. Loving him/her is now a chore. The relationship becomes cold and sour. Fatal mistake. Personally, men lame excuses make me growl inside.

LOVE is not a random event that strikes when we least expect it. But actually can be formulated. Every person has a formula of what their perfect person is so when two persons meet, they look for matches or possible equations, and when two people match each other’s formula’s, a deep bond will form.

Here are examples:

Girl: LOVE = Cute + In shape + Money + Stylo + Good Personality + Funny
Guy: LOVE = Beautiful Face + Hot Body + Straight to the point + Good Conversation + Hot Sex

LOVE is lost in time. Unless you do something. If LOVE is based on logic and the logical formula is that when you stop loving someone that person will stop loving you too. Romantic feelings are like fire - easy to start under right circumstances, but hard to maintain in the long term. If you are in a relationship and want to keep it strong, think of what you and your partner need, talk it over, don’t stop giving. As long as you match your partner’s LOVE formula, LOVE comes naturally.